Wash Your Hands, Please

HSMS Wash Your Hands cover

Dr. Hazelip wrote this book for two very important reasons:

1. To make the American public aware of both the prevalence and seriousness of Hepatitis A. Outbreaks occur in this country approximately every 5 – 6 years. During these occurrences, in large metropolitan cities, there are frequently 4,000 to 5,000 cases reported, and CDC estimates there may be actually over 20,000 cases. Dr. Hazelip wants the reader to know that there is a Hepatitis A vaccine that will prevent the disease. She also wants that vaccine to be mandatory for all food handlers, which would make a great impact in eliminating such wide-spread epidemics.

2. She wants to show the reader that when something devastating happens in our lives, like the loss of a loved one, God will open other doors for us, and He will walk with us through those doors.

This is a beautiful love story spanning over thirty-five years, told through the voice of a wife, physician, and widow. Experience how God’s strength led one woman through open portals after the devastating loss of her spouse. Read to understand Hepatitis A. Read to feel their story. You will be blessed.

97 pages, 9″ tall x 6.75″ wide, softcover


Individual Books (9 or fewer) – $16 each
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21 or more Books – $12 each
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